Around Aspen: Aspen Institute Fellows |

Around Aspen: Aspen Institute Fellows

Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Aspen Times Weekly

Steve Wickes who was director of the Aspen Institute Fellows, announced his resignation at the “End of Summer” party for the Fellows held in late August on the patio of the Aspen Meadows Restaurant. It was a lovely summer afternoon and everyone enjoyed the gathering except they were sorry to say farewell to Steve.

Even though it’s now off-season, the parties continue. On Halloween, a group of ghosties host their annual costume party (it’s their 21st celebration). The hosts include Susan Capieli, Marilyn Carruthers, Chuck Curry and Jamie Tredeaux, Jim and Sandra Dukas, Peter and Berbara Elias, Sam Hill and Bob Tyler, Howard Mogiewer, Roxie Peterson, and Doug Severance and Susie Wall.

Was pleased to receive a catalog of the late Gerry Eskin’s exhibition “SCALE: Ceramic Forms and Photographic Landscapes,” held the summer of 2010 at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa. The museum sent the catalogs to friends of Gerry and his wife, Zoe Eskin, who had a home on Castle Creek in Aspen. Gerry’s large ceramic pieces echo the huge rock landscapes of the desert Southwest which had always fascinated him and which he photographed many times. He was a professor at the University of Iowa and maintained studios in Iowa City and in Aspen.

Undercurrent … Steam is coming out of chimneys again as people turn on their furnaces.

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