Around Aspen: Aquarius birthdays |

Around Aspen: Aquarius birthdays

Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Aspen Times Weekly

So many Aspenites have birthdays in February under the sign of Aquarius that they band together and give a big birthday party for themselves and their friends. The party is always in costume and this year the theme was “Out of Africa.”

Hosts included Alan Brookes, Loretta DeRose, Janie and Jim Ellis, Judi and Bob Francis, Joany Lebach, Kirk Leitch, Tom Mueller, Lee Pardee, Debora Post, Sherrie Cutler and Bob Donahue, Susan and Bob Donatelli, Billie and Greg Erwin, Joanie and Lee Leavenworth, Jack Leeney and Janine Sevigny, Peggy Mason and Mark Lee, Sandra Murray, Marie and Bill Pizzuti, and Kelene and Dwight West.

The dinner dance was held in the Hotel Jerome ballroom with lions and giraffes and leopards in attendance, along with many jungle hunters and adventurers.

Undercurrent … There is a big dip in the street at the corner of Monarch and Bleeker Streets. With the snows and thaws, that dip is always full of slush and water. Courteous drivers slow down and drive slowly through, while discourteous drivers barrel on through and splash whomever happens to be walking down the street.