Armstrong is a proven cheater |

Armstrong is a proven cheater

Dear Editor:

I can only assume Paul E. Anna has not bothered to read any of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency report on Lance Armstrong’s cheating (“High Points,” Oct. 26, The Aspen Times).

I know, a thousand pages of testimony and evidence, with 26 eyewitnesses, including 11 who were on Lance’s own team, and financial records showing the hundreds of thousands of dollars of payments he made to a doctor who was banned from participating in professional cycling, and so much more, is a lot to go through.

The evidence is no longer “alleged.” It’s now public, it is backed up from multiple sources, and it is conclusive: Lance cheated. And he has been convicted by the only agency that has jurisdiction over the wrongs he committed. He had his chance to appeal, and he turned it down because he knew his lies were proven to be just that: lies.

My condolences to Paul for the strain he must be feeling, living under that burden of denial. Get over it. I was a fan of Lance’s, too, but no longer. And making up excuses, trying to transfer his anger at Lance’s betrayal to the USADA and Lance’s sponsors, is childish. Grow up. It’s time to move past the cheating and it’s time for the International Cycling Union to clean up the sport so we can enjoy it without having to guess which riders are using unfair advantages.

A pox on all dopers and cheaters, and those who support them.

Agustin Goba

Snowmass Village

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