Aren’t there better things to do? |

Aren’t there better things to do?

(This letter was originally sent to the Aspen City Council.)

Have you guys finally gone over the edge? Are you really going to spend taxpayer money on even discussing the possibility of taking a stand on the war in Iraq?

When those who have never quite gotten over the feeling of importance when they served our community want to force their uninformed opinions on a question that they know absolutely nothing about, it’s time for them to get their Depends out of a knot.

I seriously doubt that the CIA, FBI and all the other information sources reporting to our President, Congress and the U.N. on what a threat Iraq represents to the well being of tens of millions have briefed this group of locals.

Get real, start doing the work we elected you to do, and send these hackers home to contemplate on who they are not.

Jack Stanford

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