Are you terrified yet? |

Are you terrified yet?

Dear Editor:

Anyone who had their heart skip beats and who felt a fear this week due to the financial market meltdown is at least paying attention.

Though the culmination of this failure in the current capitalistic system was created by a series of events, political analysts across party lines agree that the ultimate architect was Phil Gramm, the former senator whose legislation to consistently deregulate the financial markets allowed for this massive misuse of the stock market.

Gramm has been McCain’s chief economic advisor. He is the man McCain has vowed will be his secretary of the Treasury. McCain’s entire 26-year career in Washington has been documented to show his agreement with Gramm and this type of deregulation.

McCain was against the rescue by our government this week until the 11th hour, indicating that he cannot back up his convictions with positive, proven results. Our country was days, if not hours, away from a financial crash worse than that of 1929. Since we are now part of a global economy, our crash would have created a worldwide disaster. Now McCain is advocating the deregulation of health care … so, are you terrified yet?

Denise Moss


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