Are you ready to vote? |

Are you ready to vote?

Dear Editor:

Please help to spread the word on these important dates for the upcoming election.

May 7, Aspen will elect a new mayor and two City Council Members in a very important election. Monday marked two weeks left for voters to get registered to be able to vote in the election.

If you live in Aspen but are registered elsewhere, you must register to vote by April 8, 30 days before the election. It is quick and easy. Voters can go to the County Clerk’s Office on Main Street for walk-in registration, or register online at, or http://www.electtorre

There are many unregistered voters who may be new to town and working in hotels, restaurants or on the mountain. We need to inspire everyone to participate. A lot of Aspenites thought they were moving here for a season and end up making it home. No matter how long you think you may live here, you can be involved in the direction of your town. I encourage all employers to post a notice and speak to their employees about registering to vote.

Aspen elections are still held in the offseason. Where will you be? Early voting will be available starting April 22. Mailed ballots are available for those voters that will not be in town or wish to vote other than election day.