Are we paving paradise? |

Are we paving paradise?

Dear Editor:I have been running, biking and walking my various dogs on the Rio Grande Trail for many years as a tourist and 26 years as a local. Over the years, as I continued to love living here, my New York friends would ask, “Yes, but isn’t Aspen changing?” I would always answer, “Well, you can’t buy underpants for under $30 and there are useless stores, but I can still pick up my mail at the post office and take my dog down a cool, shady, rural river path.”In all those years sharing that path with bikers, rollerbladers and cross-country skiers, I have never had an unpleasant incident. Yes, there were those bikers that did not know right from left, but we all managed to stay safe.One can only imagine my horror on approaching the path today and being met with that ugly super highway. What were they thinking – “Let’s make Aspen as much like Vail as we can”?I am sure I am not the first to say that we are starting to live out the Joni Mitchell prophecy.Amy BrownsteinAspen