Are we in this together? |

Are we in this together?

Dear Editor:It’s now official: The real problems are hidden by the mainstream media! Dick Cheney accidentally shot a hunting companion, and that’s the distraction, people! Headlines should be: “The Syrians are about to dump the dollar, Iran is about to price oil in euros, and Saddam did price Iraq’s oil in euros.”Oh my, there’s your weapon of mass destruction (remember, Democrats, you created the Federal Reserve with your lovely President Wilson). I’ll leave it to the people to calculate what a real dollar could buy in 1913 and what a Federal Reserve note can buy you now (remember, you must accept those notes as legal tender whether that debt is public or private)! You must or else.A 28-gauge shotgun is nothing but a distraction. Remember Waco, Texas? How about Randy Weaver? How about WWI and II and Korea and Vietnam. Not to mention the two nukes the Democrats’ president dropped on Japan. Oh, but I forgot, Democrats are the party of peace. JFK wanted peace and a currency backed by precious metals, and guess what happened to him? JFK was a true Democrat and I would vote for him any day. By the way, I’m a Libertarian (freedom). Democrats love to help minorities, or do they? Clarence Thomas (oh he’s an Uncle Tom not!), Sandra Day O’Connor, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice (all appointed by Republicans). I know there’s Justice Ginsberg and then, who else, Democrats? I’ve seen some pretty ugly cartoons over the years of Rice, Thomas etc., portraying them as, well, most of us reading this know what I’m talking about. I’m no fan of Bush, but remember Ted Kennedy and what he did and left in the water years ago?We need more than just two parties and must quit being distracted by the mainstream media. We are all citizens of this republic (democracy is “mob rule”) and we might have different opinions, but we are being divided and brainwashed to dislike each other. I’ve noticed that Pitkin County is becoming so hippy critical and intolerant – it’s ridiculous.Republicans are no better than Democrats, but the intolerant liberalism is out of control. And remember, “This land is your land; this land is my land” – not always the wilderness land and Forest Service land. No drilling in ANWR, no war for oil. If there’s no more oil: There’s no more shoes, water bottles, shampoo bottles, dashboards, paints, ski jackets, ski boots, skis, bicycle tires, tents, rafts, kayaks, traveling (except on bare feet), employee housing, packaged foods, backpacks, diapers, baby bottles, batteries for hybrid cars, V-8 Escalades with one person in them that have anti-oil, pro-Democrat stickers on them and on and on and on.We’re all in this together. Intolerance must stop. Oil is ugly, but is going to be here for a while longer unless we go back to primitive times.By the way, what if the price of silver keeps rising, as it almost hit $10 last week? Grow potatoes or mine silver? Silver made Aspen, then broke it. Got any?Tom AndersonAspen Village