Are we being represented? |

Are we being represented?

Dear Editor:Although my family are not voters in Carbondale, living as we do on County Road 107 outside of town limits, we are much impacted by actions taken by Carbondale trustees and town committees funded by the trustees.As an example, take the recreation committee whose establishment of bicycle trails on BLM land (not in town limits) for use by town voters have resulted not only in chasing away the elk but also in creating driving hazards on County Road 107, otherwise known as Red Hill Road. This road is treated by many as if it were only a recreation trail for bicyclists making their tortuous zigzag way up the hill. Many walkers with their dogs, not on leashes, in the middle of the road on the many blind corners grudgingly ceding way to automobiles without concern for any traffic in the other direction. Enough complaints! I must concede that a large proportion of people are exceedingly polite and conscious of the hazards, but only forgetting that when driving a car, as distinct from walking, one cannot hear oncoming traffic. My point in citing all this is to emphasize our (not voting) interest in the makeup of the Carbondale town council. I know more than one person who would make a very good candidate but is reluctant to run, citing time conflicts between demands from employers and those by duties required by town business, either council time or committee time. This situation makes it difficult (not to say impossible) for those that have permanent daytime jobs to serve, leaving the field open only to those who are self-employed, retired or employed by very lenient employers. It would be a shame to perpetuate such a situation. I hope that the present trustees will vote to increase substantially the salaries of future holders of this important office. Richard B. VeitCarbondale