ARC needs a weightroom |

ARC needs a weightroom

In response to Monday’s article regarding ways to increase membership and cash flow in the ARC:

I am very excited to have modern and clean facilities with an abundance of choices of activities to choose from. It does seem, however, that there is something missing, and that is a weightroom.

While it’s true that there is access to the high school’s facility, the idea of having to coordinate your schedule around those hours, especially now that school is back in session, is a hassle.

With their own weight facility, combined with the pool, ice rink and climbing gym, I think the ARC would appeal to a lot of locals who compete for space and pay high prices for memberships at other gyms.

Combine that with ski conditioning, yoga, Pilates and other classes, and we’ve got a local, public health club with all the basic amenities of the private clubs.

Ben Brennan

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