ARC does Aspen proud |

ARC does Aspen proud

The money spent and long wait for the valley’s swimmers has been worth it! I visited the new ARC facility and took a swim last Wednesday. It does Aspen proud.

The lap pool is a joy to swim in with excellent lighting, large targets at the end of each lane, and virtually no wave disturbance thanks to the overwash gutters and new lane dividers. The water was crystal clear and a comfortable 84 degrees.

The deep end of the pool will permit safe use of the 1 meter diving board and should serve as an excellent scuba training area and start for competitive races.

The adjacent leisure pool was a warm 90 degrees making instruction and exercise classes very pleasant.

The slide into the leisure pool is sure to be a favorite at 150 feet long for both kids and adults.

The south end of the building opens up to an outdoor patio by use of retractable glass doors that will make the entire complex an open air facility in warm weather.

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The mural on the east wall of the pool is bold and beautiful.

The locker rooms are spacious with good lighting, warm showers, and plenty of space. Enough.

Take it from a very old swimmer who has seen hundreds of pool complexes nationwide, this is all very nice. I strongly encourage the staff to protect this aquatic jewel. It should last several generations with love and care. My only regret is I will miss the dedication ceremonies.

The 1999 recreation bond got the ARC built. Well done Aspen.

Wallie Jeffries