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Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) Your focus id very much on career and your place out in the world, and in particular the fact that you need to deal more fully and directly with issues of power and control. Expect

to have disruptions in your value system to make you look at all of this ine new and different ways to make them work better for you, especially so you unleash the value and appreciation that has been wounded and blocked. Time for love.

General astrology for all signs for the week: There is ongoing revolution and disruption to create more space, freedom and independence in your life and in your deep inner Being. This particularly applies to freeing you up in areas of sexuality, intensity and passion. You’ll connect with some past life blocking of your love and value that now allows you to move into more value and pleasure. All of this releases old self criticism and opens you more to your spirituality.


Old Powerhouse, Armory options aired

On Monday night, the City Council listened to ideas for each old building. However, nothing laid out what the community space would actually entail — only aspirations and gathered community comment.

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