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Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) For the next 30 months you are in a powerful Saturn cycle that means you will experience restrictions in areas of work, detail, health and service. Look after your back, get lots of “softening” like massage as you will feel more stress than usual. It is also a time of discipline and many will find Masters and Teachers to be a disciple to, be it spiritually or at work it will teach you much and take you higher.General astrology for all signs for the week: Another week of high sexual energy – with a twist. The twist being that you need to explore your “twisted” sexual interests – to get over social judgements and “moral” limitations and find out what is true and good for you- within the laws of your area of course! You will find your thoughts are more unconventional and even revolutionary as you open new doors and explore new directions. All this is great and gives you more choices and freedom! (See Sex & Relationships sectionof this website.) A VERY intense week!