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Aquarius – This week begins a month of focus on home and family. this week that means making them comfortable! You also start a month that will need a lot of thinking and talking, especially with sibs. Venus will sit in your 5th house of self expression, kids, love affairs and fun! So you will be doing a LOT of thinking and talking about these issues.

General Comment for all astrology signs for the week: We have a remarkably calm and quiet week this week – what a concept! As well we are in a very rare anomaly wherein the planet Venus is sitting in the sign of Gemini for four months until August 8 instead of its usual one month in each sign. So I will focus this week on what that means for each sign as well as the usual weekly events. AND do remember to visit for more Daily Astrology, as printed every weekday in The Aspen Times newspaper, the paper of record for Aspen, Colorado.


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