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April 28 was a big day for Aspen media coverage

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Aspen already gets its fair share of media coverage and is getting more with the help of writer Scott Lasser.

His new book, “All I Could Get,” is getting good reviews and includes a lot about Aspen and its highlights, including the Woody Creek Tavern.

In the Sunday, April 28, edition of New York Newsday, Philip Connors notes that Lasser is comfortable with the semi-autobiographical nature of his second book.

Lasser worked on Wall Street before moving to Aspen, and Connors called his new book “a rare Wall Street novel that’s neither a bawdy satire nor a muckraking portrait of vile plutocrats.”

And for anyone who has once given up a good job to return to Aspen, it will be familiar territory, especially since the main character hooked up with his future-ex at the now defunct Eastern Winds.

@ATD Sub heds:Damning with faint planes

@ATD body copy: The Albuquerque Journal reported, also on Sunday, that a small town in Catron County, N.M., wants to improve its airport.

And staff writer Fritz Thompson notes there “is a controversial plan to add up to $7 million worth of improvements at the mesa-top landing strip, now a mere scratch in a cow pasture with a wind sock.

“The word from some quarters is that paving and lengthening and widening the runway, and adding lights, could make the hardscrabble landing strip bigger and better than the airports in Santa Fe or Aspen.”

But our airport couldn’t be topped by a little field in New Mexico, could it? We do, after all, have a deer fence all the way around our scratch in the pasture.

@ATD Sub heds:Our fantasy festival

@ATD body copy: The Los Angeles Times, also on Sunday, April 28, reported that film festivals are popping up in little towns everywhere.

And the Times’ Kenneth Turan notes that the Aspen Ski Patrol has gotten into the act, at least in the comic realm.

Turan writes that “Garry Trudeau astutely gave a nod to this fest-mania in his ‘Doonesbury’ comic strip by having B.D.’s actress wife, Boopsie, the star of ‘Chugalug,’ ‘Beerblasters’ and ‘Pompom Pam,’ be the subject of the Barbara Ann Boopstein Film Festival, sponsored by the Aspen Ski Patrol …”

See, the patrol does have good taste.

@ATD Sub heds:Aspen’s Burger King?

@ATD body copy: Elaine Walker of The Miami Herald reported, yes, on April 28 (it was a big Sunday for Aspen), that Burger King’s new owner could be an Aspenite.

“When Burger King Chief Executive John Dasburg started exploring the possibility of taking Burger King private in a leveraged buyout, David Bonderman was the obvious choice for a partner.

“Dasburg and the chief executive of Texas Pacific Group have a long connection dating back to their days in the airline industry at Northwest and Continental. They’re also personal friends with nearby vacation homes in Aspen.”

The article goes on to say that the deal for Bonderman to buy Burger King has been on the burner for a year now, and it’s not clear if it will ever be cooked.

Bonderman, who lives in Wildcat Ranch, is also most of the money behind the new hotel being built across from Rubey Park in downtown Aspen.

No sign yet of plans for a Burger King outlet in the lobby there …

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