Appreciative of BLM’s stand on unitization |

Appreciative of BLM’s stand on unitization

Dear Editor:

I was pleased to read the Bureau of Land Management has responded to Sens. Udall and Bennet’s attempt to derail the administrative unitization process. In his response, BLM director Bob Abbey stated in his letter to the senators: “Energy development is common in this area.” He goes further to discuss the internal, administrative process for unitization as this allows for “the most efficient and cost-effective means of developing the underlying oil and gas resources.”

The unitization process is not part of the National Environmental Policy Act but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more opportunities for public involvement. There will be many more chances down the road for public involvement. Certainly, the senators would be more than welcome to submit their comments during those times. But this time isn’t the right time: Unitization requests are internal and are based on the scientific review and merits of the project. Or in Abbey’s words: “Unitizing the area neither conveys any additional rights, nor denies development of leases.”

Thank you to the BLM for standing up for the processes in place and thank you for allowing this project to move forward.

Dina Sinclair

Glenwood Springs