Appreciative of appreciation |

Appreciative of appreciation

Dear Editor:Sitting in the music tent on “Volunteer Sunday,” I am struck by how consistently, thoroughly, and genuinely volunteer and supporters of our community are acknowledged. For various humble contributions over the years, I feel I have been rewarded tenfold. Beginning with a stint as a 4-H leader some 30 years ago, I was honored with Community Service ski passes. Wow. Just a week ago, an exquisite Aspen Chamber Symphony, and all I did was support local public radio.There are endless examples of the community’s graciousness. This morning I am practically blown out of the tent (as in blown away) by the powerful, dazzling performance of pianist Joyce Lang – my ticket a gift for being a Valley Spellbinder, which is pretty much a joy anyway – and hey, we even got free drinks and cookies!Sharon DeQuineAspen

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