Appreciating Miller |

Appreciating Miller

Dear Editor:The recent death of playwright Arthur Miller has reminded me that we in this country are not without national heroes; it is only that we tend to look for them in two very limited arenas – politics and sports. Arthur Miller was and should be an inspiration to all of us who cherish individual freedom over dumb mob rule, who value the ideals of free expression and free speech and who believe in the condemnation of self-righteousness in all its insidious forms.The man is a true hero to me, not without flaws, but fearless and resolute in his determination through his plays to poke and prod at our moral complacency, to reveal to us all the confusion and complexity of being an upright human being. For those who wish an example of this splendid man’s work, his play “The Crucible” opens March 25 at the Black Box Theatre.Kent Hudson ReedAspen

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