Appreciated acts of kindness |

Appreciated acts of kindness

Dear Editor:I would like to send out my thanks to Mark at Delta in Aspen as well as all the folks in Salt Lake City, Utah, who helped get our 83-year-old grandmother to Aspen last week.With all the delays airlines were experiencing due to the bomb threats, her flight connection time went from 50 minutes to 10 to two. Because she was catching the last plane for the night and she was traveling by herself, I was concerned she would be stuck in Utah, alone and confused. Instead, through the efforts of Mark and I believe the gate supervisor, David, in Utah, she was allowed to unload from her arriving flight first and then was quickly shuttled to the Aspen flight that had been held for 30 minutes to ensure she would make the plane.The nice gentleman who shuttled her was reassuring our grandmother the entire time that she would make her flight and not to worry. While she was tired when she arrived, we were all impressed with how much help was given her that evening. Thank you, you helped make the trip memorable for us all.Anna ScottAspen