Appointocracy, not democracy |

Appointocracy, not democracy

As the chickens come home to roost on the prickly issue of WMDs vis-a-vis Bushs pre-emptive (war) pretext, one is left to wonder if, and to what degree, a shockingly dim-witted U.S. electorate and unchallenging corporate media will hold Boy-Bush accountable for his sleazy oil (dynastic) war from hell.Its obvious that the failure was not of intelligence but of integrity. The preponderance of intel didnt jibe with the war planners desires, so coercion and cherry-picking were the order of the day. As ardent hawk and former weapons inspector David Kay says, we were all wrong concerning WMDs. One remembers the millions (who werent wrong) that marched worldwide and the sensible governments (unlike ours) of Russia, China, Germany, Canada and (yes) France, who vehemently opposed the ill-advised rush to war. This has always been a war of choice (a colossaly bad one), even though, in the Russert interview, a feeble Boy-Bush lamely insists it was a war of necessity. Please!As W. backpedals (that would do any NFL corner proud) on the rason de guerre for war WMD programs, activities (bad thoughts), he now displays the grandiose mantle of democracy. However, on close scrutiny, Bush & Co.s vision appears more of an appointocracy (as New York Times columnist Naomi Klein writes). Bush (as we all know, was appointed by our Supreme Court) appoints Bremer, who appoints IGC, who appoints regional caucuses, who form a sovereign (puppet?) government. Better to keep the oil privatized? Is it no small wonder that 15 million Shia (led by Sistani) smell a rat? Unfortunately, Iraq seems to be on a glide-path to civil war with our brave troops stuck in the middle. Another in the litany of miscalculations in this dynastic debacle.Unfortunately, the usurpers of our government, like their apologists (local Jay Pate?) seem to have their collective heads stuck in the sand and are walking into the future backward.Regime change begins at home. Heres to re-defeating Bush. See ya on the hill.Ben NewellAspen