Applause for theater al fresco |

Applause for theater al fresco

Dear Editor:

I want to thank the Hudson Reed Ensemble for their weekly Wednesday night free Shakespeare performances on the Galena Plaza. Last evening, there was more than enough excitement when Kent Reed, playing Brutus in “Julius Caesar,” accidentally stabbed himself during an impassioned dialogue.

That aside, and with Kent well on the bend, what was equally impressive was the beautiful, natural backdrop and venue of this Shakespearian performance. With more than 150 members of the public in attendance, seated around the semicircular amphitheater, with the panoramic backdrop from Red Butte to Red Mountain and Smuggler Mountain, the audience was truly drawn into the feeling of being in a mini-Roman amphitheatre.

To just sit and relax looking out at the sunset, enjoying the open-air vista while being entertained with this live theatrical performance was a real treat for all in attendance.

It is understandable why the citizens of Aspen voted for the 1988 one-half-penny sales tax which provided the public with this open space forum for so many to enjoy. The town of Aspen should continue to provide even more open space of this nature, rather than continue to infill and build densely in every space on every block.

Kudos to the Hudson Reed Ensemble for turning this beautiful outdoor public gathering plaza into the outdoor artistic theatre venue for which it was originally intended.

Junee Kirk