Applause for a great show |

Applause for a great show

Once again the Aspen Community Theater wowed us with an incredible production. “My Fair Lady” was a jewel of a gift given to our valley by so many dedicated and talented neighbors. How fortunate we are to be on the receiving end of such a gift ? and how could we not express our gratitude?

The talent in this valley is legend, and was again so generously shared by those on stage. The Aspen School District Theater affords us the intimate experience of being showered with the energy and talent of friends, acquaintances, and those we have yet to meet. Those behind the scenes also give of their time, talent and energy … they are truly the unsung heroes of the theater.

Our special thanks to those we know: to Rita ? always; and also to David, Brad, Tom, Richard, Jody, Kathleen, Rhett, Brian, Jeanette, Wendy, Lizzie, and to our precious Marnie. Special thanks also to Cathy, Travis, John, Nina, and Lynette … you are just amazing.

We thank you and everyone for giving so much time and energy to entertain your friends and neighbors. It is deeply appreciated.

Wolf and Nancy Gensch

Snowmass Village

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