Applauding Aspen’s dedication |

Applauding Aspen’s dedication

Dear Editor:I know I speak for many, many parents when I try to thank all who were involved in what culminated at the 2005 Aspen High School graduation ceremony. Twenty-three years ago I arrived to run the Wildwood School. Little did I know how close I would become to the students, families, uncountable community organizations and businesses that impact their lives.My son graduated this year. He most definitely benefited from our network of concerned and dedicated community members. His class included an incredible group of individuals who are intelligent risk-takers and who seem to make sound decisions while cooperating with their fellow classmates!These individuals were impacted by dynamic teachers who excited the class in every subject from math to theater; exuberant coaches who pushed and pushed, allowing students to learn about themselves in another venue; and the business community, which supported the whole process with endless donations to fund-raisers and ultimately the giving of scholarships.Eighty-two organizations reviewed applications and interviewed candidates – groups from all walks of our town. From the Elks Lodge to Les Dames d’Aspen, from the Rotary Club to the Aspen Community Theatre and its board of directors, the very generous scholarship program is the frosting on the cake, allowing many to afford their dream. It depicts the dedication and support that unites our community.You come to this community as one lone thread. While living here your strand becomes woven into the unique fabric that is the spirit of our town. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you! Your endless hours of dedication contribute immensely to the lives of our community members!Karen NyeAspen


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