Appalling editorials |

Appalling editorials

Scandalous and appalling describes your editorials and zeal for Burlingame more than it does our mayor.

You want scandal? We have voted on the entrance to Aspen over 20 times. Not one of those votes even mentioned the roundabout, but there it blows.

You want appalling? The overwhelming majority of Aspen didn’t even vote on the Burlingame issue. The 60 percent you tout actually are about 20 percent of Aspen’s population.

The people who live around Burlingame, thus directly affected, were not allowed to vote. A city-only vote on county property. It would be like the county being able to decide Aspen’s infill question with Aspen proper silenced.

Did it ever occur to you that our mayor was elected because of her caution toward Burlingame? Get real and stop insulting us with your delusions from the soapboxes you call newspapers.

Dan Taylor

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