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Apologies to the Marolts

Dear Editor:I want to publicly apologize to the Marolt brothers for my letter to the editor a few days ago (July 4). I was responding to a Roger Marolt op ed that I interpreted as another whack at our town and I overreacted, particularly by including Mike and Steve in my jab. I am sorry, guys. I wish I could claim that I wrote the letter because of intoxication – as Roger suggested – but, in fact, in hindsight I think it was just rashness and stupidity.I love this place and am proud of it, and have decided to take a bit of a personal stand against those who choose to bash it unfairly. Roger did take a bit of a poke with his whole feels-good-to-go-to-Grand Junction editorial, but my response was an overreaction. Clearly these guys love Aspen and three generations of Aspenites is a very good thing. These guys are assets to the community and I am glad to share a hometown with them. My apologies.Scott WriterOld Snowmass

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