Anywhere but Crown Mountain Park

Dear Editor:

We do not want higher taxes and assessments, which is what the proposed Crown Mountain recreation center will bring upon us. In addition to higher taxes and assessments, there would be ongoing expenses out of our pockets. The rec center would not be able to support itself.

The planners can present the numbers any way they want, and it still spills money out of our pocket and out of your pocket.

Let Crown Mountain Park be a gathering place for picnics, field sports, competitions, etc. We are seniors who cannot afford to support the rec center, much less join it.

Let the planners find private money through fundraising and investors – see how far they get. For those who want to go to a center, there are facilities and or pools in Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Snowmass and Aspen as well as private clubs.

Take a look at our area, and see the activities to enjoy: hiking, biking, water sports, parks, fishing, shooting, skiing, boarding, cross country, on and on and on.

This “dream” of a few people is a nightmare for a lot of people. Please join us in letter writing and voicing a big “no” to the rec center.

Sue Driggers



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