Anytown, Bozoville, U.S.A. |

Anytown, Bozoville, U.S.A.

Let’s be positive about the Crystal River Marketplace mall.

The reason the big box site is so far from any of the other shopping mall buildings is that they have to be that separated in order to be subdivided by the owner (Huster) so they can be sold off.

And, the big box retailers all want to own their own spaces; not rent them. That is why we could NOT have a cute village-type connected shopping mall with a functional play-fun enclosed area and/or central theme type arboretum with a pond or a water feature.

So, yes, Mr. Huster will be selling the 125,000 square foot big box site to a big chain retailer, if he can find one. This also forces us people in a little mountain town to drive-shop, instead of walk and neighborhood/community and visit one another-type shop.

Did you know that the CRM:

– Won’t allow any skateboarding or rollerblading at all on 24 acres (no ramp either)?

– Won’t allow any RFTA commuter parking or overnight parking.

– “Active solar power or lighting systems are NOT currently contemplated”!

– Will only pay $350,000 of Highway 133 design and engineering costs, NOT the $2.8 million reported. The remaining $2.45 million is subject to follow-up town negotiations.

– Over 23 percent of the CRM projected sales taxes (the miracle money to save town) revenues WON’T exist! They are projected coming from City Market grocery sales taxes which already exist.

The current City Market is merely across the street. Duh. Whatever store moves into replace old City Market, say a bowling alley, wouldn’t generate a tenth of the sales taxes currently produced.

Imagine a day-long and evening-long constant cacophonous quacking of car alarms over 24 acres as well as 24 acres of miscellaneously constantly strewn various shopping carts, especially at the bus stop, which will be several hundred yards away from either of the big stores (by design). What great planning and foresight to make Carbondale just another Anytown, Bozoville, U.S.A.

If Carbondale needs to make more money to help balance its budget, and now, instead of having to wait perhaps another six or seven more years until a mall actually becomes productive instead of hitting bankruptcy, and avoiding raising property taxes and existing sales taxes, consider these of so many other options out there, other than just mall mania.

We could legalize gambling and create our own lottery-type game. It would be called “Blotto” and drawn daily, say for a $1,000 jackpot at $1 tickets.

Carbondale could legalize hemp (George Washington did it and Canada and Mexico currently do it) and grow it only here and create a wonderful one-of-a-kind fabric and paper that could produce specialty clothes, T-shirts, hats and American flags, etc.

Why sell out permanently to a God-awful big box for an assumed (and potentially not there) handful of a few bucks that could be gotten a number of other humane, logical, fun and Carbondale-style ways?

Yo, Mama.

Doc Philip


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