Anybody but Mick and Jack |

Anybody but Mick and Jack

Dear Editor:

Mick Ireland and Jack Johnson should not be re-elected because they do not “get” that Aspen’s real estate industry provided 82 percent of the money the town relied on.

The speculative bubble has popped, and we will return to the end-user real estate market that made Aspen strong. But public policy needs to recognize that real estate pays the property taxes that give teachers, librarians, planners, engineers, secretaries and all members of the community who work for tax-supported industries ” a good life. Real estate gives ski season employees work in the rest of the year. Even the editorial staff of The Aspen Times is starting to notice life without realtors, architects and contractors isn’t so great.

Mick and Jack are trying to come up with solutions like expanding tourism into mud season. But the MAA’s decision to close down a week earlier illustrated clearly their business naivety.

We have three other great candidates for mayor and all are voicing the idiocy of Mick and Jack’s anti-business, anti-real estate industry policies. Marilyn Marks has the skills, knowledge and tenacity we need to turn things around; Andrew sees clearly the insanity and has tried to right things; LJ understands real estate and has a long history in Aspen. Please rank these three as your top choices.

The national economy will turn around but Aspen won’t if we don’t return to the type of City Council that made Aspen a progressive small town. In our glory years, council was comprised of business leaders whose knowledge and business experiences skillfully guided city staff. We talk of preserving Aspen and about the great years when we were cutting edge ” now put your vote where your mouths are and give us capable civic leaders instead of proficient political campaigners.

Shellie Roy