Anybody but DiSalvo |

Anybody but DiSalvo

Dear Editor:

When Tuesday’s election rolls around think about who you would like to defend you in public office – a person who sneaks away to rehab and spends most of his last months in office absent while he raises money for his underling? And another who punches out an innocent man trying to defend his lady in a local bar?

Women of this valley deserve better than that. People in general deserve better than that. Who wants to tolerate an absentee official or a sexist bully?

The children of these valley women also deserve a leader they can admire and respect – not one they are ashamed of.

Of course DiSalvo has more spendable funds. Isn’t that where Braudis is spending all the time we’re paying him to be in the office doing his job?

Both of the other admirable hopefuls are doing their own work; and money is not their focus. Their main interest is us! Please vote wisely for a new sheriff – not a leftover chip off the old block.

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Etna Tauscher


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