Any terrorism is wrong |

Any terrorism is wrong

Dear Editor:

Terrorism is using violence to achieve a political goal. Israel’s slaughter of Gazans is an attempt to weaken elected Hamas officials so that they will change their focus from resisting Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, control over Gaza and injustices to one of cooperation with Israel to stay in power. Israel has bombed Gaza’s tunnels that bring food, supplies and revenue for Hamas plus Gazan students and police.

Israel is now focused on destroying the welfare and social service charities that made Hamas popular.

Israel’s actions fit the definition of terrorism. Whether it is Hamas or Israel, terrorism is wrong. No rockets are being fired out of the West Bank, yet Israel’s 41-year occupation, theft of land and oppression of the Palestinians continues.

If Israel was interested in protecting its citizens from Gaza’s rocket attacks, it would have ended the siege/blockade and allowed Gazans free movement and commerce. Hamas has repeatedly said it would cease firing rockets, if Israel ended the siege that makes Gaza a prison. Instead Israel is demanding Hamas officially recognize it as a Jewish state. Hamas feels their homeland was stolen and it is an insult to ask them to recognize Israel’s ownership.

Tensions escalated on Nov. 4, when Israel broke the six-month truce with Hamas by attacking Gaza on an unprecedented scale. Hamas responded by sending hundreds of rockets into Israel. On Nov. 5, Israel sealed all crossing points into Gaza, further reducing food supplies, medicines, fuel, parts for water and sanitation systems, etc. In November, an average of 4.6 trucks of food per day entered Gaza from Israel, compared with an average of 123 trucks in October.

Israel will only be brought to stop the carnage by outside pressure, such as sanctions and condemnation by the United States and European nations.

Cathleen Krahe


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