Anti-tax measures would doom Aspen schools |

Anti-tax measures would doom Aspen schools

Dear Editor:

For those who are even considering voting yes on Amendments 60 and 61, and Proposition 101, you must understand the situation. If these amendments are passed, the Aspen School District will take on a $3 million budget cut. This is a huge deal.

Here is a list of about half of the things Aspen High School would lose: all sports teams, Ex-ed, the IB program, 27 teachers and all electives. That would only account for half of the amount of money that our district would be losing. Our school would go from being one of the best in the country to one of the worst in a matter of weeks.

I wonder if there are actually people out there that are selfish enough to ruin many public schools in the state. You might think that most people would just pay the small amount of tax, but in a recent poll from SurveyUSA, only 42 percent of people polled are certain that they will vote against these amendments.

I can’t imagine who would even propose amendments such as these. It doesn’t get much more selfish than that. People have to understand that they would be ruining schools, and students in those schools, because they don’t want to pay a small amount of tax. Many families, including my own, would simply move out of Aspen because of the loss of so many programs. Whether it’s the loss of sports, IB or electives, I believe that a large number of students would be moving. Students are even making Facebook statuses trying to get everyone to educate their parents about this problem.

This is an issue that no one will ignore. If these amendments are passed, you will see many people outraged in this town, especially the students. I hope you all make the right decision: Vote no on Amendments 60 and 61, and Proposition 101.

Daniel Schwartz


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