Anti-Semitic garbage |

Anti-Semitic garbage

Dear Editor:On a day when Muslim terrorists killed or maimed hundreds of innocent Londoners, Sue Gray once again spouted her anti-Semitic garbage and her distorted version of scripture and history.In the Old Testament (Jewish), the New Testament (Christian), or the Koran, there can be found passages that are peaceful and loving, or angry and warlike. Ms. Gray and her ilk always chose to selectively quote angry passages from the Old Testament to justify their twisted view of Israelis in particular and Jews in general.Facts and truth: in 1967, Nasser, the leader of Egypt, mobilized hundreds of thousands of troops in the Sinai, threw out the impotent UN, and told the world of his intention to crush Israel. The Syrians also mobilized, as did the Jordanians. Rather than wait to be attacked, as they were in 1948 by five Arab armies, Israel accepted Nasser at his word, attacked Egypt and destroyed the Egyptian air force, which brought about the miracle of the six-day war.After achieving total victory, Israel offered to return territory for peace. The Arab response, at the conference of the Arab League at Rabat, Morocco, was the famous “three no’s – no peace, no recognition, no negotiations,” which is why the Middle East is the way it is today.Sue’s take on Middle East history could have been written by Yasser Arafat (and probably was). And here’s a beauty from her: “Israel’s crimes far outweigh even Iraq’s.” Whew, Sue and her groupies are so filled with hate that it’s impossible to attempt rational discussion with them.So this is my last response to this person – life is too short, and Aspen too beautiful to waste time attempting to talk with these folk. America is a wonderful country. Let Sue and her coterie spew their hateful nonsense; our Constitution guarantees that even mean-spirited people like her can be heard.Jerry EpsteinAspen and Philadelphia

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