Anti-Semites behind opposition? |

Anti-Semites behind opposition?

Dear Editor:

After reading about the recent City Council meeting regarding the Jewish Community Center’s proposal to purchase the Silver Lining Ranch, I have some grave concerns regarding the motivation behind the Stillwater HOA’s opposition to the proposal.

Specifically, why did an HOA representing an employee housing development spend money to hire a traffic engineer to study the impact on a road a mile away from them (as the car travels), and certainly not a component of their daily commutes. I can understand Ute Avenue homeowners hiring a traffic engineer, but Stillwater? How very generous of them to be so concerned on behalf of these Ute Avenue residents.

My understanding is that Stillwater’s original opposition was to a potential high-intensity use, including excessive noise generated by children running around the property. Why then, did they not hire an acoustical consultant to evaluate the impact? My guess is that someone over there was smart enough to realize that when you factor in the distance from one property to another, and the river itself, that an acoustical evaluation would not provide the necessary ammunition to oppose the project. Therefore, they jumped on the one questionable aspect of the proposal, which is the traffic.

I find it incredulous that while many of us are struggling to pay our mortgages, these extremely lucky recipients of employee housing, with their taxpayer subsidized mortgages, can find the funds to hire an engineer to evaluate a component of a proposal that doesn’t even affect them. Who are these people on this HOA, and what is their real motivation for opposing the Silver Lining Ranch purchase?

To me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, their opposition reeks of anti-Semitism.

Ken Adler