Anti-fluoride fanatics full of paranoia, delusion |

Anti-fluoride fanatics full of paranoia, delusion

Dear Editor:

Basalt’s esteemed bioenergetic chiropractor, Dr. Tom Lankering, blames fluoride for a half-page list of diseases including a shortened lifespan (“The dangers of fluoride,” letters, July 11, 2011, The Aspen Times). With almost 70 percent of the population living in fluoridated communities that would be a surprise to the Social Security people who say they will run out of funds due to longer life spans.

Next week Dr. Lankering and Mr. Jon Busch are expected to add halitosis, hirsutism, and hemorrhoids to their list. Pitkin County’s public health officer, Dr. Morris Cohen, certified in both internal medicine and cardiology, did a fine job of dealing with these disease allegations on Grassroots TV last week. Their allegations are either patently false, deliberate misstatements, or are not pertinent to the amount of fluoride that can be ingested from fluoridated water in a lifetime. If any of their disease claims were true they would be found in areas with four to 12 times, or more, of the amount of fluoride in the water than we have in Aspen.

If Dr. Lankering actually believes these delusional allegations and is not just using scare tactics to try to achieve his goal of de-fluoridating the water, then I have some unwelcome news for him. He can reduce his fluoride intake but he cannot avoid it as it is truly ubiquitous due to being the 13th most common element in the earth’s crust and the ease with which it dissolves in water. The only materials that are completely fluoride-free are in metabolic research laboratories and that is a good thing as animals born in such labs do not thrive. Plastics contain fluoride and glass even more, so if you have distilled water in either of these containers, the water will become fluoridated.

The large majority of Aspen residents are too sophisticated and well educated to fall for anti-fluoridationist pseudo-science and most are aware, from their knowledge of Western Europe in the 1930s, that it is not healthy for society to allow a small group of militants to determine policy.

There is good news for Dr. Lankering, however, as his town of Basalt has a Jungian psychotherapist who should be able to ferret out the repressed trauma that causes him to transfer all his fears and anxieties upon this small nutrient and to pursue it with unnatural and unhealthy passion, and with tactics that are unworthy of someone in the healing sciences.

William D. Glenn, M.D.

Snowmass Village

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