Answers about phone survey |

Answers about phone survey

Dear Editor:

A recent letter writer had several questions regarding a city of Aspen phone survey about funding an expansion of the Wheeler Opera House.

Ms. Feher asked: 1) Why the city was funding the survey; 2) Where the funds were coming from; 3) Who was responsible for authorizing the survey; 4) What the results would be used for; and 5) Why she had been contacted multiple times on her cell phone.

To reply succinctly to Ms. Feher’s questions:

1) The telephone survey is being funded because it is a valuable tool for finding out how voters feel about the Wheeler expansion project. The Wheeler staff, board and the city of Aspen aim to completely engage the public throughout this process.

2) Funds for the survey are coming from the Wheeler Opera House, through a line-item specifically for this and other research and development purposes.

3) At a July 7 work session with staff, Aspen City Council requested the survey to help make decisions about the future of the Wheeler Opera House.

4) The results of the survey will be used to help gauge community sentiment about the project, its funding and its timing.

5) The polling company hired by the city is using the November 2008 City Voter List, supplemented with the best available phone information for Aspen residents.

The city of Aspen regrets Ms. Feher was contacted multiple times after being asked to be removed from the call list. We apologize for the mistake and have directly asked the polling firm that she be removed. We agree that Ms. Feher’s request should have been honored the first time.

The city of Aspen appreciates the Aspen voters who have taken the time to help determine the future of this tremendous community asset we all share. If you would like more information on the Wheeler Expansion Project, call 920-5083.

Randy Ready

Aspen assistant city manager

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