Another vote inappropriate |

Another vote inappropriate

Dear Editor:Please don’t sign the petition on Burlingame. I don’t think it is appropriate to encourage the attitude that if you don’t like the results of a public vote, you just have another one. The voters have spoken on this topic and the vote should be honored. If we start voting on the details of running government, brace yourself for a lengthy ballot. In the case of Burlingame, we’ve given the current council the guidance to develop it with one vote already and they have admirably honored that request. That we had one vote is certainly ample. Demanding another vote is, at best, inappropriate.I also believe that Burlingame has a chance to be a small part of a big answer. The Aspen middle class has been leaving our town in search of the “American Dream” for the last 30 years. The “American Dream” may be a bit cliché, or perhaps even politically incorrect to some, but it is real (particularly when one considers the varied definitions). Keep more of that middle class in town by offering housing and amenities in places like Burlingame that compete with those lifestyles offered by real estate downvalley. Burlingame will provide close-in housing that appeals to those leaving (or have left) our community to live in Basalt, Missouri Heights and beyond. I also find the argument that “Burlingame is too far off the transit line” to not be very insightful when compared to the alternative of a downvalley commute. Burlingame isn’t creating new long-term jobs, it is providing housing for those otherwise commuting to work from somewhere else. I personally find it unlikely that that commute originates in the West End for many – but it is, admittedly, closer to town than Burlingame. This project is planned magnificently and, executed properly, will be a real asset to the community.Scott WriterOld Snowmass