Another view on the market |

Another view on the market

Dear Editor:

In response to Scott Crow’s opinion letter and the numerous responses online regarding the Basalt Sunday Market, I would like to express my view. Basalt is neither Aspen-West nor Carbondale-East.

Mr. Crow, if you carefully review your profit-and-loss statement, you may find that the $21.87 ($350 over 16 weeks) weekly booth fee is reasonable. It appears that “40-plus vendors” disagree with your accounting. Nonprofit means that you have to spend all your money by the end of the year. It does not mean you can’t make any money. So no, I don’t wonder what happens to your twenty bucks. Further, I am pleased that this 501(3)C corporation is having initial success. Profits based on proper planning are vital for every business.

While all farmers’ markets are similar, the Basalt Sunday Market is very nice and the initial response from the participants has been very good. As Mr. Crow notes, “And best yet, they’re paying the musicians to come play!” It’s a farmers’ market with live music, not open mic night. Yes, the Basalt Sunday Market is well organized and enjoyable. Kudos to the people who turned “a wishful, ‘fly-by-night’ plan at best” into such a quality event.

Mr. Crow, to your credit, your passion for Carbondale is inspiring, but we don’t all share your vision. I will be at the Basalt Sunday Market at 9 a.m. I arrive early for the best selection.

Gordon Keating


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