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Another video for proof

Dear Editor:

First off, my apologies to those who attempted to watch the 9/11 Conference panel discussion that I said would appear on C-SPAN last Saturday, Aug. 5 (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 3). I was clearly mistaken; it was broadcast a week earlier. Keep an eye out, though, as it may air again.

Now for something you can access immediately. All you need is a computer. No need for high speed; dial-up will work just fine. Here is an hour audio interview with BYU physics professor Steven Jones on scientific proof, in layman’s terms, of a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers and Building No. 7.

Dr. Jones pleads with all Americans to look at the evidence “which is overwhelming” and says that to refuse to do so is “contrary to logic, to science, to reason, to humanity.”

Here is the link:

Steve Campbell

Glenwood Springs


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