Another Seth fan |

Another Seth fan

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to the letter about Seth and the Aspen Animal Shelter.

Seth has devoted his life to the proper placement of abandoned and abused animals in the valley and throughout this country.

I was not there to witness the encounter with the two women who claim to have been treated poorly, but I am sure they must have caught him at the exact wrong time. Seth is human, like the rest of us. We cannot be 100 percent at every moment. Seth is kind and compassionate to all animals and runs a humane and caring business.

I am a female, and I too “rise above the word ‘active.'” There are several dogs in the shelter that I absolutely could not handle. That is not sexist. That is looking out for the best interests of the dog and the owner. That is Seth’s job.

It is unfortunate that the two women will not be returning to the shelter. Perhaps if they return, they will see the real Seth, who is a wonderful human being.

Michelle Fox


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