Another role of clerk and recorder |

Another role of clerk and recorder

Dear Editor:My name is Marian Clayton; I am a candidate for the Garfield County clerk and recorder, and have a mission and a vision to update the clerk’s office. This is my fifth letter in a series in which I outline and briefly explain the components of the office and how I plan to update the department.Today, the topic is clerk to the board of county commissioners/custodian of public records. The county clerk and recorder is the official clerk of the board of county commissioners, and is designated by statute to perform certain duties including attending meetings of the board and taking minutes.The county clerk or deputy clerk maintains exhibits submitted during public hearings, ensures that plats, contracts, agreements, resolutions, ordinances and other documents are presented to the board for approval, signed by the chairman, attested and affixed by the county seal. Proper recording and filing of such documents is critical in order for the records to be available to the public.The clerk brings forth applications for liquor licenses before the local authority, the Board of County Commissioners. She provides testimony as to the extent of the license, maintains proper records and investigates the applicants in order to give testimony to the authority agent.My goal is to deputize several staff to serve in this capacity in order to develop leaders and provide cross training. It is an educational process to attend commissioner meetings and observe government at work.A vote for Marian Clayton is a vote for confidence in change.Marion ClaytonNew Castle

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