Another reason to slow down |

Another reason to slow down

(Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to Harry Rosenfeld, a columnist for the Albany Times Union in New York and author of “Slow down to save the Earth,” printed in The Aspen Times on July 24.)Dear Editor:I appreciate the fact that you felt strongly enough about global warming to write an article calling on citizens to slow down to reduce consumption of fuel. For the last one and a half years, I have been on a letter writing campaign asking the people of Pitkin County and Aspen, Colo., to slow down. I’ve written all sorts of letters about this subject citing statistics on the dangers of aggressive driving and how much I’ve personally saved on fuel by driving the speed limit. I wrote a personal request to our sheriff, Bob Braudis and the Pitkin County commissioners to stand behind their pledge to protect and serve the public. The sheriff’s platform is that speed limits were set by engineers, and it is up the individual to comply. Neither the sheriff nor the commissioners have yet to reply. Pretty darn rude, I think. How do you get anyone to slow down when elected officials ignore such an important issue?Aspen is a community that prides itself on its cultural, philanthropy, art, music and beautiful setting. The Aspen Institute hosts dignitaries from around the world. The Aspen Music Festival brings music students here to study music under the direction of some of the most famous musicians and conductors. We host World Cup races, and have events that rival the Hollywood scene. The problem we seem to have here in this valley is that citizens do not have, as you put it … “the will power to reform self-indulgent habits.”I was very happy that The Aspen Times picked up your article. It gives me another opportunity to plead with the citizens of Aspen and Pitkin County to slow down. Just think, something as simple as driving the posted speed limit could save lives, save energy and help save our planet. Kim VieiraAspen