Another point about the passes |

Another point about the passes

Dear Editor:

Respectfully, I believe a really big point hasn’t been brought up about the ski passes. If you live and work in the Roaring Fork Valley, everyone knows that the lodges typically were generous enough to offer their seasonal employees a two-day-a-week pass, which has been eliminated. So, having said that, does Aspen Skiing Co. expect the lodges to pay for chamber Premier passes for the concierge that rave about our fabulous skiing here? With the economy the way it is, how can they anticipate the lodges to continue offering this wonderful perk?

Also, the locals are just venting and asking questions, which Mr. Hanle anticipated. Public feedback is good. After all, this is America. Everyone has a right to an opinion. The local skiers are upset at the current situation. So, it isn’t necessary for a former employee of Skico, who no longer lives here on a full-time basis, to lash out irrationally to those who have an opinion. Is it necessary for your readers/writers to have their intelligence questioned?

They are upset because they feel their choices are limited to forking over a large sum of their paycheck, which they didn’t anticipate. The choices we do have? We have several. After all, this is Colorado. We can ski anywhere we want. Just sayin’ … by the way, Roger, I thoroughly enjoyed your honest column.

Elaine Bohman

Snowmass Village

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