Another missed opportunity |

Another missed opportunity

The American troops are leaving the coast of Liberia, some have already gone, the rest left on Oct. 1. Thus concludes our involvement over there, because President Bush’s advisers in the Pentagon do not think we should help there.

In the meantime, the rest of the world is sending troops and trying to help. Once again, I comment on the missed opportunity of this administration.

Charles Taylor is still trying to run the country from the Calabar coast of Nigeria where he is in exile, phoning officials every day on his cell phone. The indictments against him need to be enforced and he should be arrested to stand trial for looting the country of $100 million, and giving arms to the rebels in nearby Cote ‘Ivoire and Sierra Leone. He is a pariah and a menace to the stability of the region, he should be tried.

Much progress has been made in Liberia with the peace and the help that is coming from many countries around the world is, indeed, a blessing for the people of that country. With an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 child soldiers in Liberia, the end of hostilities is welcome and a great sign of hope. The next period should be one of involvement towards rebuilding this devastated country.

I, for one, hope to do as much as possible towards this; if it means collecting clothes and food or even going back there as a teacher it will have to be done. The people of Liberia deserve our attention, even if the Bush White House and the Pentagon don’t think so.

Andy Hanson


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