Another Hummer moment |

Another Hummer moment

This letter is addressed to the young man driving the brand new, gleaming white Hummer and fishing below Ruedi Dam on Friday, Feb. 20.

I know that I caused you great hardship when I put the editorial on your windshield denouncing the Bush administration for refusing to enact legislation requiring better fuel economy for SUVs, so it makes perfect sense that you would threaten to shoot my dog and my boyfriend (thus implying that I am gay), brag about how your Hummer gets only 10.1 mpg, call my new Ford Ranger, which I worked hard for, an “environmentally friendly piece of shit,” and thrash through the water I was fishing.

I wonder if you have ever done a day of real work in your life?

I don’t suppose you would bother to take the time to read the National Geographic article a few months ago about how the global climate is changing, due to the changes in where carbon is being stored on our planet. Much of the carbon that used to be stored in the fuels we burn, the tropical forests that are being burned, and was once in the oceans, is now in the atmosphere, with fewer green plants to pull it back out of the atmosphere, so the balance has changed.

Sure, the climate may also be on a natural cycle swinging back to a warmer climate, but just about any sane scientist would agree that the activities of man are making it far worse. And the record of the distant past says that when the climate changes, things happen really fast, and by that time it is usually too late to correct it. Do you really think that a potential threat of this magnitude is even worth taking a chance with?

Your oh-so-cool, multimillion-dollar home won’t be worth a damn if Aspen no longer gets enough snow to have skiing and you are blue in the face from breathing carbon dioxide, while you are still bragging about how your Hummer gets 10.1 mpg. And who knows, the ramifications could be far worse. Do you care about the kind of world your children may have to live in, if they are even alive? I know how important it is for you to drive a Hummer ” you certainly want to be in with your “in crowd”.

By the way, if you had been halfway decent to me on the river (as I tried to be with you, when I said I was just trying to open some minds), I might have given you a fly and showed you how to catch a fish on a dry fly in February, as I did shortly after my experience with you, for a gentleman that came by and asked if it was OK to fish nearby. It was pretty obvious that all you know how do is thrash around in the water where the fish are, and intentionally ruin someone else’s fishing.

Oh, and by the way, even though I am an environmentalist, I am a hunter, own several guns myself and I know how to use them.

And for all you “average Joes” out there reading this, the above events actually happened!

This valley used to be pretty environmentally oriented, but the demographics have changed since the 1970s. This guy is evidently a prime example of the type of arrogant individual we see driving around in those expensive SUVs in recent years. They simply refuse to recognize that they might be a part of the problem, if it involves making any change in their lifestyle.

I believe it is essential that we elect a president that is fully committed to playing hardball with these people and can beat George Bush. It is the only way we, as average citizens are going to even come close to getting our democracy back and making some changes for the better. I must admit I believe the rich simply have way too much power in our country, and I refuse to make any apologies about it.

Steve Custenborder



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