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Another door

My new friend Kuichy whom I met in Los Angeles two weeks ago met me at the Royal Inti (Sun) Hosta where I am staying in Cusco the Puma City, they call it the heart of the Andes. The moment I set foot on the ground I could feel the the power a vibration charging my being. We set out on the initiation path to Sagasyhuaman pronounced the (the sexy women) the temple of wisdom which now lives in its stones. First impression is a magnificent view over looking Cusco believed to be the naval of the Earth, an umbilical connection to the cosmos.

My intuitive mind is opening to the knowledge of the Inca spirit, the very presence of Kiuchy my guide is an honor, a testament to his ancestors. As we stroll along these ruins on this sacred land his words seem to activate cellular memory, we both realize we have a mission, a pre-encoded destiny our meeting is no coincidence this is a convergence in the electromagnetic field of universal consciousness.

We are approached by three children, three Inca Kings in colorful traditional customs they bring the concept of the trinity to this moment, in the Inca culture the incarnation of the holy spirit is the Condor which allows you to recognize the constellations and see the inner star, the Amaru (Serpent) which ignites the force within, up the spine to the higher self, and the Puma awakens the transformation of human consciousness, the heart, body and mind as one with all creation. One of the children had a Hawk on the top of his head, hawk in Inca means eternity, also was associated with royalty. Again the significance was so perfect, so symbolic most appropriate to honor the communion of our Inca souls, the awakening of the Puma.

It is the trinity taken place as we stand in witness of the magic of the presences of the Holy Spirit. Kuichy says, “it is time to enter the womb of transformation a rebirthing.” There is a tunnel entrance next to the reflecting pool in it’s time when this Temple was an observatory to the sky, you could set in a stone carved seat and look at the stars in the pool.

The sun is setting in the west, all I ask for is peace and love to by my intentions, I enter into the dark abyss, all thoughts absorbed as I begin the serpent like journey through the cave, trusting my instincts the color purple appears in my minds eye my intuitive mind is activated. Than I see the light at the end of the tunnel as I approach and step outside, their standing waiting is a precious little angel, the moon is rising in the East over her head, she presents me with a bouquet of Muna, a wild flower. I knee as she takes her necklace off and places it over my head now resting around my neck an Andean Cross the Chakana which represents the constellation of the Southern Cross the hole in the middle is infinity, no time, no space, a place where all is created, I embrace her, kiss her on the forehead, thank you Great Spirit.

Kuichy expresses he is moved by this experience and appreciates the new friendship and I feel we were brought together, a alchemy of spirit that will unlock another door to star wisdom.

Hinton Harrison


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