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Anonymous hatred

Dear Editor:

In Sunday’s daily (Jan. 13), The Aspen Times hit a low note in the supposedly civil dialogue it affords. On the editorial page appeared anonymous hatred twisted from the wreckage of a tragic crash that killed two people last week on Highway 82.

Barbaric blog posts celebrated those deaths as some weird form of justice for the perceived wrongs of illegal immigration. While some statements about illegal immigration in this newspaper have been valid, that damning Sunday issue gave the depraved few a prominent voice that is shrill, unaccountable, and totally inappropriate in a valley of mixed ethnic population.

Anonymous hatred is sensationalism at its worst. It is reminiscent of the despicable persecution of minority groups in oppressive societies throughout history. We know it lives here in our valley, but to give it the credibility of print and the cloak of anonymity is a mistake that will bear lasting pain.

Paul Andersen


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