Aspen City Council corrects address on ballot |

Aspen City Council corrects address on ballot

Staff report

The Aspen City Council held a brief meeting Thursday to correct ballot language for November so it accurately reflects the address of property voters may or may not approve for future city offices.

The council adopted language earlier this week identifying a portion of the 27,000 square feet of turnkey office space it might buy from developer Mark Hunt as 517 Hopkins St., said Jim True, Aspen city attorney. Hopkins is an “avenue” not a “street” and True said that while confusion was unlikely and the typo was probably irrelevant, he wanted the error fixed because there was time to do so.

The other part of that office space is located in the building next door at 204 S. Galena St.

Voters will decide in November if the city will build offices at that location across from the current City Hall or another location between Rio Grande Park and Galena Plaza.