Animal perverts, cozy indulgence, boarding tycoons |

Animal perverts, cozy indulgence, boarding tycoons

Brent Gardner-SmithAspen Times Staff Writer

Ever wonder about the 1970s in Aspen? A stroll through a media database offered this recent flashback.In the Aug. 22 issue of the Miami New Times newspaper, John Lombardi has written a piece that describes Hunter S. Thompson’s first meeting to pitch a story to Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner.”As always, he began in the middle of his story: Crazybastard dope lawyer, hadda get outa California, drying out in Aspen, looked at all the greedheads and fucksticks, real estate scum, resort developers, movie stars, S&M swingers, weird, misbegotten animal perverts, talent agents ? the worst! ? accountants, politicians . . . saw they were ruining the town, knew he hadda run for mayor . . . Of course I told him I’d manage his campaign! “The idea? We’d get all the freaks, hippies, bohos, beatniks, ganja smokers, flower kids, righteous trustfunders, bikers, character actors, dishwashers, you know? . . . We’d get the blacks that worked in the kitchens and on the road repair crews! We’d register the Indians, the goddamned rock band musicians who hadda play shit music in the big hotel lounges and show up stoned just to be able to plug in . . . “A lotta pissed-off people out there! AWOL G.I.’s, don’t wanna go ta Vietnam! Young kids, don’t wanna end up like their mothers and fathers ? bags for bellies, hairy tits, cancer, ringworm, male-pattern baldness, Sen-Sen breath to hide the booze smell, forty-hour deathwork week and rotten molars ? you know, Jann! Rolling Stone readers!”Well, the pitch worked and soon HST was in Rolling Stone with an article called “Freak Power in the Rockies.” And whatever happened to all those animal perverts?Boarding tycoonMaybe this explains why Aspen Mountain is now open to snowboarding. The Aug. 25 edition of The New York Times included a piece by Riva D. Atlas and Edward Wong on the Texas Pacific Group, which is led by David Bonderman, who owns a home at Wildcat Ranch near Snowmass.Bonderman leads a financial group that recently purchased Burger King and was expected to take over US Airways. The article describes a meeting between Karl Peterson, the CEO of a company called Hotwire, and Bonderman.”Last spring, Mr. Peterson met Mr. Bonderman in Aspen to talk about Hotwire and to go snowboarding. Mr. Bonderman seemed perfectly willing to accompany Hotwire down the steep Internet chute. But he does have his limits on risk, Mr. Peterson discovered. Before going down the mountain, Mr. Bonderman strapped on a helmet.”So be careful who you think of as a knuckle dragger.Cozy indulgenceInspired by Aspen? Well sure, who isn’t? Marshall Hood reports in the Aug. 27 edition of the Columbus Dispatch about some fall fashion trends, and noted that “Otherwise-edgy designer Michael Kors described his toasty tweeds, luxurious cashmeres and clean denims inspired by the tony ski slopes of Aspen: ‘The whole idea behind the collection is, you can be cozy and feel comfortable, but you don’t have to give up indulgence and luxury.'”And why should you, especially when it comes to toasty tweeds?

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