Anger and anguish |

Anger and anguish

Dear Editor:

Character assassination in the newspapers usually makes for intriguing reading. But when the subject happens to be a person you know well and think highly of all of a sudden the intrigue is gone, replaced by anger at the newspaper and anguish for that person being cited.

Such is how I feel after several articles and letters regarding Loren Ryerson. He is a person I have known for well over 30 years, and he has always maintained such high ideals. He, like the rest of his family, has always been gentle and caring. He has always been a thoughtful person and agonizes over how his decisions may affect others. His commitment to Aspen and its people is beyond reproach.

I am angry that the newspapers continue to report based upon commentary by people that obviously have an ax to grind. The hurtful nature that this brings to the Ryerson family is unfair. Let the true pleasures of knowing Loren override the negativism spawned by a vicious few.

Sue Geist


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