Andy Stone right on with 9/11 column |

Andy Stone right on with 9/11 column

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Andy Stone, for a well composed comment on the 9/11 fever still sweeping so much of our country (and virtually all of our media). It is always dangerous to predict the future, but I suspect history will deal harshly with our overreaction to that event.

Horrific, cowardly and unjustifiable as the terrorists’ actions were – and they were all of that and more – they never really threatened the well-being of this great nation, except in provoking us to actions we would otherwise have condemned.

One sign of true strength under fire is to deal objectively with pain and loss, and then get on with one’s real business. If only our leaders had hewed more closely to that line 10 years ago.

Robin Schiller


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